MeHi, I’m Layla…

I became interested in the topic of Nutrition through my own personal health struggles.

Having always struggled with low energy and IBS, things took a turn for the worse when I started suffering from chronic urinary tract and kidney infections after a stressful period in my life.

Many courses of antibiotics later and I was left with interstitial cystitis and worsened IBS, which later turned out to be SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth).

Having found no help in conventional treatments I took matters into my own hands and turned to nutrition and lifestyle for help.

A few years fast forward and I have recovered from interstitial cystitis, improved my digestion and am experiencing more energy and fitness than ever before in my life. My weight has stabilized at a healthy level.

On the way back to health I have tried many different diets including a vegetarian diet, a raw vegan diet, the GAPS protocol, the low FODMAP diet and the Elemental diet. I have finally settled for a Paleo(ish) diet, which I believe is the kind of diet we have evolved to eat.

I have tried out many supplements, lifestyle and exercise approaches and complementary therapies such as acupuncture and have had FMT treatment.

I am passionate about nutritional science, ancestral medicine, functional medicine, reading scientific studies, lifting weights, sustainability, music and nature.

I have  completed a diploma as a Nutritional Advisor at the Natural Healthcare College and am an associate member of the NNA (Naturopathic Nutrition Association).


 I am currently in the process of becoming a fully certified Nutritional Therapist and am constantly improving my knowledge on functional medicine and functional testing.

I hope that with my experience I can help people achieve their own health and wellness goals – with easy and attainable protocols.

Layla x




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    July 7, 2016


    Thank you for your blog.I have long term digestive problems and also have SIBO and constipation. I have tried numerous diets and supplements over the years.

    Did the elemental diet have any effect on your SIBO? What products did you take and where did you source them from?

    I am also considering FMT at the Taymount clinic as a last resort.The cost is the main factor at the moment.The research on FMT is still limited and there is s possible link to autoimmunity.


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      July 11, 2016

      Hi Leon,
      The elemental diet seemed to help my SIBO symptoms at first, but I only retested for hydrogen (not methane) on the NHS afterwards, so I’m not sure how reliable the data was – I couldn’t afford the private test at the time. I still have issues with bloating now and probiotics actually seem to play a role in that for me!
      The elemental formula is usually only available to Crohn’s patients on the NHS so I’ve made my own using this recipe:http://www.siboinfo.com/elemental-formula.html. I found the free form amino acids at naturaldispensary. The elemental diet was probably the most horrible treatment I have endured in my quest for health! (I will Blog about it at some point soon).
      You’re right about FMT -it seems to be a very mixed bag for SIBO because in most cases the root cause is something else. I got some benefit from it and don’t regret it but considering the cost I’m not sure it’s the best line of treatment. But if you do decide to do it they have the option of doing half the treatment at home, which is a grand cheaper!
      Good luck with it all!

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    Jay Goshler

    April 12, 2017

    How much would you say the FMT improved your symptoms?

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      April 22, 2017

      Hard to say, I had more energy and tolerated some foods better around 3 months after, but my digestion hasn’t improved that much overall with regards to bloating. BMs however are like 50% better. So overall maybe a 30% improvement..

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