My Approach

I am passionate about health and wellness from an evolutionary perspective and am personally following a paleo diet (aka caveman or primal diet).

Our ancestors were not plagued by the chronic health problems that face us today and are thought to have had superior fitness, too.

I strongly believe that a lot of our health problems today are due to a mismatch between our genes and the modern environment. We have evolved to eat and move in a certain way but our environment has changed drastically.

I believe that eating nutrient-dense foods again and allowing ourselves to move and de-stress can restore our health and fitness.

I am also passionate about staying up to date with the latest research relating to health and nutrition.

However, my approach is to find a diet and lifestyle that works for YOU and not to follow a certain dogma. But I will always try and do so following an evidence-based approach.

When nutrition and lifestyle are optimized a healthy weight can be achieved without starving yourself.

So how can I help you to improve your health, well-being and weight-loss goals?

  1. Remove foods that stand in the way of your wellbeing and introduce foods that can fuel your body
  2. Balance your meals for sustained energy levels and reduced food cravings, and where needed manage portion sizes for weight-loss
  3. Optimize digestion so that nutrients can be efficiently absorbed and used by the body
  4. Manage stress, optimize sleep and find physical activities that you can enjoy
  5. Address emotional issues and low self-esteem that might hold you back and make you crave certain foods


Talk to me…

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I look forward to hearing from you!

Layla x