Layla Wehr (Dip NNT MNNA) is a fully-qualified Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist and the founder of, an educational blog focusing on bladder health.

Layla has studied nutritional therapy formally with the Natural Healthcare College in the UK, as well as having researched nutrition for many years.

Layla’s work is informed by her own experience recovering from chronic long-term health problems, which began in her mid-twenties.

After years of struggling with chronic UTIs and chronic bladder pain, Layla finally took her health into her own hands and turned to nutrition and lifestyle changes for help. After trying many different diets and remedies, her health finally improved and she is now free from bladder problems.

Because of her own bladder problems, Layla has developed a keen interest in this area and has started researching bladder health in depth. She has experience with many different diets and remedies, as well as functional lab tests and lifestyle approaches.

She has a keen interest in health from an evolutionary and functional viewpoint and although her main interest is in bladder issues, she also has experience with other chronic health concerns.

Layla is a member of the Naturopathic Nutrition Association and regularly attends continuing professional development (CPD) seminars and training programs.