Bone broth powder is the ideal solution for anyone travelling a lot and wanting an extra boost.

If you’re anything like me and you travel a lot you’ll know that how hard it is to stay healthy on the road.

Why would you want to make bone broth powder?

I have bone broth regularly for its many health benefits. Therefore, I don’t really want to miss out on bone broth when I’m travelling.

So far, I struggled to find a good way to take bone broth with me on longer trips.

Then I came up with bone broth powder (which is essentially bouillon).

It’s so handy and can be taken anywhere. It’s great for camping, hiking or just a quick cup of bone broth in the hotel. I can be added to soups and stews for extra flavour or just dissolve it in hot water for a quick-fix of broth.


How does it work?

To be able to make a powder the bone broth needs to be dehydrated.

The best way to accomplish this, is to boil the broth down until most of the water has evaporated. Before you do this, you need to measure the amount of broth in cups.

Then the remaining bone broth is cooled until it forms a gel.


The gel can then be placed unto parchment paper and dried in a dehydrator for up to a day.

dehydrating bone broth

The bone broth will become hard and brittle and can now be pulverized into powder.

dried bone broth

The powder can now be divided into the amount of servings you measured before boiling the broth down – 1 serving can be added to one cup of water.

powdered bone broth

Bone Broth Powder – portable bone broth for travelling

Bone Broth Powder – portable bone broth for travelling


  • 2 liters of bone broth


  1. Your bone broth needs to be cooled first and then remove the fat from the top
  2. Place the bone broth into a wide pan, bring to a boil and let the water evap¬o¬rate until the broth has boiled down to about a cup
  3. Place into the fridge and let cool until the remain¬ing broth has cooled
  4. Cover the dry¬ing racks of the dehy¬dra¬tor with parch¬ment paper or dehy¬dra¬tor sheets
  5. Place the gel onto parchment paper or dehydrator sheets
  6. Set the dehydrator on the highest setting and dehydrate for 12–24 hours
  7. When the broth has become hard and brittle it is ready
  8. Let cool, then place in to a food processor or mixer and pulverize into a fine powder
  9. Measure your servings
  10. It is now ready to be used in your recipes or can be added to a mug of boiling water

Bone Broth Powder – Portable Bone Broth for Travelling

One thought on “Bone Broth Powder – Portable Bone Broth for Travelling

  • Sep 10, 2018 at 11:30 pm

    I really enjoy consuming bone broth! It’s helped
    get rid of my arthritis and joint pain a lot. I used to be more sensitive to particular
    kinds of food. I feel the bone broth has certainly enhanced my digestion. How
    do you feel about mixing bone broth with a garlic supplement for even more health benefits?


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