Elderflower kombucha tastes just like elderflower cordial and is one of my favorite second ferments. Second fermenting your kombucha is a great way to recreate your favorite pop without the junk. It makes the kombucha more bubbly and even more delicious!

At the start of the summer I fancied something sweet and refreshing and since I had a black elderberry tree growing just outside the house I decided to try elderflower kombucha.

The result tasted just like elderflower cordial – not everybody’s cup of tea, but I love it!


Second fermenting kombucha works by adding fruit, spices, honey or other ingredients to the ready brewed kombucha and thus providing more food for the microbes in the kombucha.

This will create more carbonation and nutrients.

Clip top bottles are ideal to use for the second ferment as they can stand the pressure created by the carbonation.

The kombucha is then left to ferment for another 4 days.

After that you can filter the flowers out and transfer the bottle to the fridge. You could also just leave them in.

The kombucha will become more sour the longer you leave it in the fridge but it will last for ages. You can read everything about kombucha here…


Elderflower Kombucha

Elderflower Kombucha


  • about 500 ml kombucha (depending on the size of your bottle)
  • Handful of elderflower


  1. Push the elderflower into the clip jar bottle
  2. Fill the bottle with kombucha
  3. Close the bottle and let it sit at room temperature for 4 days
  4. Filter the finished drink through a sieve to get rid of the elderflower and transfer to the fridge



Elderflower Kombucha